We are an interdisciplinary team of thinkers, makers, doers and, most importantly, people.

We share a passion for the power of design, and a commitment to collaboration at every stage of the creative process. And to understand our company, you have to know our people. We’re always growing, so this isn’t every member of our team. But if you work with Vocon, here are a few of the faces you might get to know.

Deb Donley>
Deb Donley
Owner and Principal
Paul Voinovich >
Paul Voinovich
Owner and Principal
Lance Amato>
Lance Amato
Denver Brooker>
Denver Brooker
Richard Dillon>
Richard Dillon
Matt Heisey>
Matt Heisey
Bill Mason>
Bill Mason
Principal, Managing Director, Cleveland
Tom Vecchione >
Tom Vecchione
Susan Austin >
Susan Austin
Chief Human Resources Officer
Mark Bertsch>
Mark Bertsch
Chief Financial Officer
Rob Gatzke>
Rob Gatzke
Practice Leader
John Kilway>
John Kilway
Practice Leader, Global Accounts
Christine Norberg>
Christine Norberg
Practice Leader, Interiors
Laura Rees>
Laura Rees
Practice Leader, Architecture
Karley Bessez>
Karley Bessez
Marketing Director
Michael Christoff>
Michael Christoff
Lauren Dennison>
Lauren Dennison
Design Director
Brandon Dorsey>
Brandon Dorsey
Technology Director
Michael Dunford>
Michael Dunford
Lisa Dye>
Lisa Dye
Patty Harb>
Patty Harb
Procurement Director
Leslie Joltin>
Leslie Joltin
Stephanie Losh>
Stephanie Losh
Matt McQuality>
Matt McQuality
Finance Director
Kerre Ovens>
Kerre Ovens
Sheila Picchioni>
Sheila Picchioni
Experiential Brand Design Director
Bob Porter>
Bob Porter
Design Director
Katy Rafferty>
Katy Rafferty
Dave Robar>
Dave Robar
Heather Schmit>
Heather Schmit
Khyati Shah>
Khyati Shah
Megan Spinos>
Megan Spinos
Strategy Director
Dean Spong>
Dean Spong
Michelle Thomas>
Michelle Thomas
Managing Director, New York
Julie Trott>
Julie Trott
Michael Wildermuth>
Michael Wildermuth
Senior Technical Director
John Workley>
John Workley
Director of Architecture
Juliane Workley>
Juliane Workley
Senior Project Director
Jodi van der Wiel>
Jodi van der Wiel
Design Director
Jason Burick>
Jason Burick
Associate Design Director
Sara Cruz Lass>
Sara Cruz Lass
Associate Design Director
Bob Dillon>
Bob Dillon
Associate Technical Director
Nick Faehnle>
Nick Faehnle
Associate Design Director
Ann Marie Krol>
Ann Marie Krol
Design Director
William Lee>
William Lee
Associate Technical Director
Natalie Matteucci>
Natalie Matteucci
Associate Design Director
Kate McGoldrick>
Kate McGoldrick
Associate Design Director
Michelle Thompson>
Michelle Thompson
Associate Design Director

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