Richard Dillon


Principal, Vocon Design, Inc.

Principal of Vocon Design, Inc., Richard Dillon has committed his three-decade-long career to Vocon and is instrumental in ensuring client satisfaction, exceeding expectations, and designing with distinction. He has extensive experience directing workplace projects for boutique companies to Fortune 500 organizations.  With each project, he works closely with our experts to cultivate the overall design direction while guiding the design team through complex assignments. This attention to detail has been acknowledged by industry peers year after year – over thirty of his projects have been awarded prestigious design awards and numerous others have been featured in industry publications. Richard will approach your project with the same care and attention – striving for excellence.

As an NCIDQ certified professional, Richard actively engages throughout every stage of a project’s life cycle. When he is not acting as an integral member of Vocon’s leadership team, Richard finds balance by traveling to new destinations and immersing himself in local culture, design, and cuisine. He finds inspiration in the nuances of daily life – fine dining, a great book, and a beloved record on the turntable. His observation of life in action lends itself to a profound understanding of how spaces influence people and how people shape spaces.

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