Laura Rees


Principal  |  Chief Operating Officer

With over three decades of industry experience, Principal and Chief Operating Officer (COO) Laura Rees plays an integral role in the success of our Cleveland office. Her ability to anticipate the needs of our clients – as well as her responsive approach to communications – has nurtured a creative and efficient team of professionals, ready and able to design excellence for your project.  Her professional experience spans a variety of industries – education, industrial, healthcare, cultural, and retail – in both the public and private sectors. Laura’s dedication and drive can be attributed to the success of many of Vocon’s most pivotal projects, as she manages her project teams with an eye towards service, flexibility, and successful project delivery.

Always up for a challenge, Laura spends her days working closely with team members to provide proactive and creative design solutions. She focuses on setting the framework for success and cultivating strong relationships with her team. As a wife and mother of two, Laura has found an artful balance between her work-life and home-life. When she isn’t visiting family and friends, Laura enjoys focusing her creative energies on quilting, designing, and crafting of all kinds. She refers to these design projects as a form of soft architecture, allowing her a unique perspective into the tactile design process – one that involves colors and textures from a different view.

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