Tom Vecchione

Vice Chairman, Managing Principal, New York

New York’s Managing Principal, Tom Vecchione, has over 30 years of global experience. He advises top corporations and real estate investors in planning and positioning their properties for success. Tom has designed projects for a variety of sectors worldwide – including headquarters in the Middle East, innovation hubs on the West Coast, research campuses throughout Europe, technology centers in Shanghai, and corporate offices throughout the United States. Tom provides a valuable leadership role for the New York office – integrating innovation with high-performance client service. 

When he is not acting as an integral member of the Vocon leadership team, Tom is an active member of the Boards of the Center for an Urban Future, the New York City Landmarks Preservation Foundation, the Cornell Baker Program in Real Estate, and the New York University Schack Institute of Real Estate. Tom has also been a visiting lecturer at Cornell University where he shared industry insights with students and design professionals through his course “Innovation in the Built Environment.” 

The core of his work is the belief that placemaking enhances business, culture, and lifestyle. Tom’s creative approach integrates the use of patterns, deep research, and emerging trends to form the platform of his designs.

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