Vocon New York Office

Writing our New York story

Having outgrown our previous space, it was time for Vocon’s New York office to write its own story at 530 Fifth Avenue. With 15,000 SF, ingenuity, and an eye for cutting-edge design, our offices now accommodate over 80 employees within a flexible and responsive workplace. Our space tells the story of our relationships – our commitment to clients and employees, our ability to challenge the status quo, and our gratitude towards the community.

When approached with this tremendous opportunity, our design team looked inward. What would they want in their own space? What assets would enable connectivity and drive workers into the office? When work happens everywhere, how will our office act as an extension of our team’s toolbox? Informal collaboration spaces composed of high-top tables and living rooms replace nearly half of the office’s traditional workspaces – creating casual collisions and happenings for people that spark communication, collaboration, and creativity. As an extension of the office toolbox, Vocon’s main conference space is outfitted with interactive digital screens that support virtual whiteboard platforms. This empowers our team with technology that concurrently integrates our existing building information modeling and virtual reality applications – optimizing Vocon’s hybrid workplace strategy and connecting team members who are both in the office and working off-site.

Our space speaks our values. Illuminated in neon light, visitors exiting the elevator on the sixteenth floor are greeted with “GRATITUDE” in ten languages – a reflection of our New York team’s global background. Founder Debbie Donley is often heard sharing her authentic reflections of gratitude and encourages our team to seek out appreciation in everything we do. Our “GRATITUDE” wall is a testament to her vision and a reminder to thank our partners for their continued support and trust.

Visitors are greeted by a recognition wall filled with magnetic wooden dowels engraved with Vocon’s staff and clients. This wall becomes a focal feature for the space, drawing you in through the balance of texture, composition, and detail. Spacious and cozy sofas welcome our guests to provide a living room-like atmosphere, while smaller style tables resemble the ambiance of a café. The exposed ceiling is framed by wood accents, which allow the existing infrastructure to take on artistic qualities.

The space is designed to encourage movement, maximize comfort and support productivity. Natural light from the east fills the reception and adjacent conference room, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. Custom design light fixtures in “XOXO” form – the signature sign-off of our Founder – are represented in both areas. The ability to be mobile and adapt to our needs was integral to the success of our design. Our team specified three custom lab counter tables for the pantry, which provide the opportunity to be configured in a variety of setups and uses.

Vocon’s open floor plan studio is home to a melting pot of industry professionals and includes a range of designers, project managers, and our technical team – all of whom leverage the flexibility of our working spaces. Team members can be seen engaging in virtual meetings in soundproof phone booths, having small gathering meetings in working banquettes or utilizing traditional conference spaces for larger group meetings. The jewel of our studio is the wrap-around outdoor terrace showcasing views of Fifth Avenue and provides an oasis from the bustle of Bryant Park. This dynamic space is a tranquil open-air extension of our office for moments of respite and has been sourced for many vendor events, lunches and client meetings.

Central to the Vocon ethos, “LOVE YOUR WORK” appears in neon light – casting a warm glow down a hallway sporting rows of Polaroid snapshots. This signature to the Vocon story applies to all employees, partners and clients. Its inclusion sets the tone for the relationships that will develop here, reinforcing Vocon’s passion for creating spaces that have something to share… for spaces that speak, Vocon completes the sentence.


New York, NY

Project Size

15,000 SF

Completion Date