Willis Towers Watson

Setting the standard

As an ongoing partner with Willis, we help them to update and improve their offices around the globe.

Willis Towers Watson relies on Vocon to provide architectural and interior design services that balance consistency across the global insurance broker’s international office portfolio with elements of local style that give each space a unique life.

As the corporate architect for Willis Towers Watson, we take on projects from regional office relocations to large corporate restack assignments. The firm has adopted a free-range model for its office spaces, with no employee assigned to a specific desk or space. Private, soundproof rooms allow for confidential calls or meetings, while sensor technology makes it easy for anyone to see what spaces are available at a particular site.



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“Vocon understands our business strategy and has helped us align these goals with our real estate objectives worldwide. The design standards that Vocon developed help us bring our brand to life in a consistent manner throughout the world.”
Carmine Bilardello | Former Senior Vice President and Director of Global Real Estate at Willis Towers Watson