Vocon’s Sarah McCann Recognized as a 2023 Rising Star of Real Estate

This article is originally from Business Insider, published December 05, 2023.

Sarah McCann, Associate, Real Estate Strategy Director at Vocon, has been named one of Business Insider’s Rising Stars of Real Estate for 2023. This prestigious recognition identifies young leaders, aged 35 and under, who are making significant contributions to the real estate industry.

The 2023 cohort of Rising Stars comprises professionals from various backgrounds, spanning established firms like Vocon, to innovative startups redefining industry norms. Against the backdrop of a transformed real estate landscape due to the pandemic, these rising stars are addressing challenges related to affordability, sustainable building practices, and the evolving nature of work and living spaces.

McCann’s distinction in this select group is well-deserved. As the Real Estate Strategy Director at Vocon, she brings a fresh perspective to the commercial real estate sector. McCann, under 30 and with a background in investment banking and equity research, stands out as a dynamic force in an industry often perceived as traditional.

“How do you make it worth the commute?… is a conversation we have all the time,” McCann said. “You’re now competing with people’s couches or coffee shops or beds.” Vocon’s Project at the iconic “Black Rock” building in New York City, the CBS headquarters designed by renowned architect Eero Saarinen, exemplifies her innovative approach. In response to the changing dynamics of office spaces post-pandemic, McCann and her Team conducted extensive research to understand the preferences of younger employees from major law firms housed in the Black Rock. The result was a $36 million renovation, set to conclude by the end of the year, introducing amenities such as a gym, a grab-and-go café, and a spacious conference center tailored to virtual and in-person meetings.

McCann’s influence extends beyond the Black Rock, as demonstrated by her involvement in a downtown boutique office building Project that introduces unique features like “whiskey lockers” for employees to store their own liquor. This creative approach aligns with her overarching vision of making office spaces desirable again.

McCann highlighted the challenges facing the office market and emphasized the need for flexibility and adaptability: “The office market is undoubtedly distressed. There are a lot of scary headlines out there…it’s going to require flexibility and adaptability…we are giving people alternate places to work that are not a couch or a table.”

Congratulations, Sarah on this well-deserved recognition and we look forward to your continued leadership and innovation in shaping the future of real estate.