Vocon Documentary “Inside Out” Explores Evolution of Workplace

Directed by Nick Cavalier, documentary offers insights into commercial design and architecture

Vocon released a documentary on the evolving world of corporate space use and workplace strategy, exploring the shifting dynamics of design and architecture as companies seek to create the ideal environment for growth, collaboration and creativity.

The documentary focuses on the importance of workplace strategy and interior design in the built environment, identifying approaches to achieve a higher return on investment in office design. The 15-minute piece explores open-plan offices and the ways office design can change how a company and its employees function.

“The design of an office is directly linked to employee productivity, attention and retention, wellness and health,” said Debbie Donley, Founder and Principal at Vocon. “Superior design contributes not only to an energetic dynamic, but to total revenue generated by the company.”

The documentary, “Inside Out,” was directed by Nick Cavelier, who has produced numerous celebrated documentaries.  Cavelier has been honored with awards and selections at festivals such as SXSW, Palm Springs, and Cleveland International. Award-winning feature films include Forced Perspective, Gotta Groove Records and his new short film on mental health and creativity, Down Again.

“It is deeply satisfying to explore the way design and creativity advance our clients’ missions by creating supportive environments that enable employees and clients to achieve their goals,” said Paul Voinovich, Principal at Vocon. “Nick’s skill and visual sensibility were perfectly matched to the beauty of the physical design work.”

“Anyone who appreciates the beauty of art and design will enjoy the complex and nuanced physical spaces that are changing the way people work and live,” Cavalier said.  “We are at an extraordinary point in the evolution of workplace design and it was an honor to capture the changes that are shaping our world.”