Fostering A Dynamic Work Environment

Infinium Wall Systems excels in the design, engineering, manufacturing and installation of cutting-edge glass fronts and interior wall systems for offices. With a keen focus on blending clean, modern aesthetics with unwavering engineering expertise, they have established themselves as an industry leader in innovation. Moreover, their strong commitment to the design and architectural community underscores their culture of responsiveness. 

Blending Innovation and Functionality

The Bliss Group, a marketing communications agency, desired an office space that harmoniously blends innovation and functionality. Situated on the second floor of the iconic Helmsley Building, a prominent Beaux-Arts skyscraper on Park Avenue, its location adds an extra touch of allure to the workspace.

Innovation for Innovators

At first glance, Redwood Living is a company that builds and manages single-story apartment homes. But when you look closer, they are so much more. They are builders, they are innovators, they are people who go the extra mile. And most importantly, they are committed to one overarching goal – enriching the lives of those who choose to rent throughout suburban America. In Vocon, they found a partner that shares their values and would work collaboratively with them to design solutions that celebrate their commitment to the community.

Building Community

What would be the mission and purpose of the work environment if we could work from anywhere? A desire to embolden the connection to the community and celebrate the eclectic diversity of San Francisco became the foundation for the design. Our team leveraged the workplace as the organizational anchor to culture, growth and technology – resulting in an approachable, comfortable, active and accessible environment.

Design Excellence

With a focus on wellness for their employees, Vocon created an inviting, warm and humble architectural design to showcase who Great Lakes Cheese Company is at their core and highlight innovation.

Building Communities at the Office

Bellwether Enterprise is one of the country’s largest commercial and multi-family mortgage banking companies in the country. Vocon reflected their story throughout their space by creating neighborhood, community, and home zones that support different types of work styles.

Celebrating Identity Through Design
A Representation of Excellence

Manufacturing leader Swagelok partnered with Vocon to create a dynamic Global Headquarters that would become the physical embodiment of their brand, reputation, and customer commitment.

Through the efficient and effective deployment of real estate assets, technology, and department vicinity their Solon, OH campus became a thriving environment that enables connection – inspiring innovation, productivity, and problem-solving, while enhancing internal and external collaboration amongst Swagelok’s employees, customers, and suppliers.

Writing our New York story

Having outgrown our previous space, it was time for Vocon’s New York office to write its own story at 530 Fifth Avenue. With 15,000 SF, ingenuity, and an eye for cutting-edge design, our offices now accommodate over 80 employees within a flexible and responsive workplace. Our space tells the story of our relationships – our commitment to clients and employees, our ability to challenge the status quo, and our gratitude towards the community.

Transcending the Tradition

Convergent challenges the standard office narrative with a design that transcends the traditional approach of practical office space. Taking inspiration from the timeless design of the Cleveland Museum of Art, Convergent seamlessly integrates classic office concepts with modern flourishes. A blue-chip art collection adorns the public spaces, channeling the vibrancy of nearby luxury retail, dining, living, and entertainment options.

Reflecting Ingenuity, Promoting Flexibility

Process Technology was committed to their community when it was time to update their historic Willoughby headquarters. Our design honors their commitment to the community by repurposing the site of a former used car dealership into a vibrant, open, and bright contemporary office. The existing building was the place for auto sales and the site consisted of outdated and utilitarian structures. Our design connects structures that were constructed over the years, creating a cohesion that reflects the progressive technological identity of this forward-thinking company.

Luxe Business

In collaboration with Oxford Properties and Tangram 3DS, we re-envisioned the potential of Floors 10 and 21 at Olympic Tower – the iconic Midtown building which housed the legendary fashion brand Halston. Our Real Estate Strategy team incorporated an elevated design aesthetic along with unique planning moments on the floors, including gracious board rooms, libraries, and refresh suites. 

Designing for the Future

Westfield isn’t just an exemplar for safe, modern, flexible, pandemic-age designs. It’s a testament to the power of a truly egalitarian space for its fast-growing workforce. We helped the super-regional insurer envision a futuristic, flexible work environment emphasizing optionality, choice and technology while recalling the organization’s rich 175-year history.

A Workplace That Feels Like Home

The Schroer Group is a family healthcare company dedicated to delivering quality care to patients and residents through skilled nursing, assisted living, outpatient rehabilitation, pharmacy, food distribution, group purchasing and Institutional Special Needs Insurance.

Employee-First Design

C.H. Robinson came to us with a very specific request: make employees happy. We couldn’t have been happier to help.

Happy People, Happy Earth

Cleveland mainstay Oatey wanted a new corporate headquarters that was both sustainable and inspiring. We partnered with them on the design, and the result was a sustainable space that is one with its surroundings.

When Work Follows Design

Forest City Realty Trust, now Brookfield Properties, needed a new way of working. Their existing space didn’t serve their new goals and failed to live up to the vision their work promoted. We helped them change where they work, so they could change how they work.

Road to Innovation

As one of the largest tire distributors in the U.S., Dealer Tire knows all about putting the rubber to the road. So when they were ready to get going on a new, open-plan office space, they turned to Vocon to get them up to speed.

Collaborators Thrive

Collaboration is at
the core of what made Doner a renowned global branding agency. Since Vocon
shares their commitment to collaborating, they turned to us to design their new
creative incubator space.

The Toughest Client is Yourself

We hold our work to very high standards. So when it came time to redesign our own office, we had a lot to live up to.

How Less Became More

Through thoughtful strategy and a strong partnership, Vocon helped Jones Day to reduce their office footprint and simultaneously expand their presence.

A Century of Innovation

As one of America’s most storied brands, Goodyear’s new campus needed to highlight their past as well as the innovative spirit that is leading them to the future. We worked with them to create a space that celebrates their story and encourages greater collaboration.

The Formula for Innovation

When OMNOVA Solutions
relocated to a new town and office space, they needed a new building that would
encourage collaboration and help attract top talent.

Setting the Standard

As an ongoing partner with WTW for over a decade, we help the leading global advisory, broking and solutions company update and improve their offices around the globe.

Next-gen tech meets old-school style

As one of Cleveland’s oldest law firms, Calfee has been serving the city for more than 100 years. When they needed a new office space, they asked us to help them create something that showcased their history while also highlighting their 21st-century capabilities.

The Power of Relationships

KeyBank’s approach is built on maintaining strong relationships with their clients, employees, and communities. When it was time to update their spaces, Vocon’s relationship-focused approach made us a natural partner.