A home for the mobile workforce

Home to the firm’s second-largest North American office, this confidential global professional services firm office needed a highly flexible space to manage differing workloads at different times of the year. The busy tax season is particularly demanding on their space, while during the remainder of the year they need to accommodate a typically off-site workforce.

Employee-first design

C.H. Robinson came to us with a very specific request: make employees happy. And we couldn’t have been happier to help.

Happy people, happy earth

Cleveland mainstay Oatey wanted a new corporate headquarters that was both sustainable and inspiring. We partnered with them on the design, and the result was a LEED-certified space that is one with its surroundings.

When work follows design

Forest City Realty Trust needed a new way of working. Their existing space didn’t serve their new goals and failed to live up to the vision their work promoted. We helped them change where they work, so they could change how they work.

The toughest client is yourself

We hold our work to very high standards. So when it came time to redesign our own office, we had a lot to live up to. We think we did.

How less becomes more

Through thoughtful strategy and a strong partnership, Vocon helped Jones Day to reduce their office footprint and simultaneously expand their presence.

One space, 100+ years of innovation

As one of America’s most storied brands, Goodyear’s new campus needed to highlight their past as well as the innovative spirit that is leading them to the future. We worked with them to create a space that celebrates their story and encourages greater collaboration.

Many spaces, one goal

Cleveland’s Global Center for Health Innovation helps show the world the biggest new developments in health care. Since their building is constantly featuring new companies and innovations, they asked us to help create a space that is consistent yet flexible enough to accommodate a range of occupants.

The formula for innovation

When OMNOVA Solutions
relocated to a new town and office space, they needed a new building that would
encourage collaboration and help attract top talent.

Flexible, mobile, local

As Vocon’s first significant project for this confidential global professional services firm, the Chicago office renovation set the pace for our future work together. The multiphase renovation encompassed nine floors and 335,000 square feet, all designed for optimal functionality and flexibility.  

Next-gen tech meets old-school style

As one of Cleveland’s oldest law firms, Calfee has been serving the city for more than 100 years. When they needed a new office space, they asked us to help them create something that showcased their history while also highlighting their 21st-century capabilities.

The power of relationships

KeyBank’s approach is built on maintaining strong relationships with their clients, employees, and communities. When it was time to update their spaces, Vocon’s relationship-focused approach made us a natural partner.