Raymond James


Interior Design

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Corporate Interiors

The New Traditional

Vocon has been proud to partner with Raymond James since 2020, providing a range of strategic, architectural, and design services for their office portfolio. Our collaboration has encompassed various projects, including the design of branch offices, the implementation of a workplace mobility pilot program, and the development of a branch of the future prototype.

The Raymond James Houston office, exemplifies our team’s commitment to creating spaces that empower employees and enhance productivity. For this project, our design team embraced a concept we refer to as “New Traditional.” This approach combines elements of classic elegance with a contemporary twist, resulting in a sophisticated environment that transcends traditional office aesthetics.

At the heart of the Houston office design is a focus on flexibility. We understand the importance of accommodating diverse work styles and evolving needs. To address this, we incorporated a variety of workspace types, ranging from private offices for focused tasks to open collaboration areas that foster creativity and teamwork. The office’s furniture arrangements have been thoughtfully curated to ensure adaptability for future requirements.

The office’s finishes have been meticulously curated to achieve a harmonious blend of classic refinement and contemporary aesthetics. Impeccable craftsmanship and the use of premium materials contribute to an atmosphere of timeless elegance, evoking a sense of sophistication and grace. At the same time, modern design elements have been strategically incorporated to infuse the space with vibrancy and energy, creating an environment that feels dynamic and invigorating.

In alignment with Raymond James’ commitment to sustainability, every aspect of the design incorporates eco-friendly principles. Energy-efficient lighting systems have been implemented throughout the office, reducing energy consumption and minimizing the environmental footprint. Smart temperature control systems have been integrated to optimize energy usage and ensure a comfortable and sustainable working environment. Additionally, the selection of materials takes into consideration their sustainability attributes, promoting responsible sourcing and minimizing environmental impact.

The culmination of these design choices is an innovative and welcoming environment that leaves a lasting impression on clients and fosters inspiration among the team. The office not only showcases Raymond James’ dedication to excellence and forward-thinking, but it also serves as a testament to their commitment to creating spaces that prioritize sustainability and well-being.


Houston, TX

Project Size

60,219 SF

Completion Date