Olympic Tower

Luxe Business

In collaboration with Oxford Properties and Tangram 3DS, we re-envisioned the potential of Floors 10 and 21 at Olympic Tower – the iconic Midtown building which housed the legendary fashion brand Halston. Our Real Estate Strategy team incorporated an elevated design aesthetic along with unique planning moments on the floors, including gracious board rooms, libraries, and refresh suites. 

The unique 21-foot ceilings on Floor 21 provide expansive, light-filled interiors with incomparable views of St. Patrick’s Cathedral and Rockefeller Center’s famous Chanel Gardens. With this in mind, our concept highlighted the unique capabilities and planning opportunities for premier private offices and meeting spaces.

Floor 10 provides similarly compelling opportunities for a variety of potential tenants. Our proposed design features an intimate café space for co-working and impromptu meetings, as well as a small fitness and wellness studio space for a convenient place to reset during the workday.


New York, NY

Project Size

47,175 RSF

Completion Date