A Humble Honor

Under the guidance and experience of Rabbi Eliyahu Stern, Mikvah Consultant, Vocon had the privilege to create a Mikvah facility available to all members of the Jewish community.

A Mikvah is a religious bathhouse for ritual purification, this one specifically for Jewish women. We began this project by understanding how the Mikvah was to be used by the women, as well as how it would impact the growing community in the future.

This space features fourteen luxurious preparation rooms, complete with modern fixtures and amenities, radiant floor heating, and a beautiful bridal suite. Two Mikvaos were built to the highest halachic standards – over and above the normal building and ADA code requirements. The experience for each woman is private and therefore the only interaction would be with the attendant. The layout of the space allows for scheduled movements and timed interactions throughout the facility, maintaining the highest level of privacy for each patron.

The Mikvah was designed with the residential community’s values in mind – offering a beautiful experience for patrons without calling attention to the building’s exterior.


University Heights, OH

Project Size

6,100 SF

Completion Date