Celebrating Identity Through Design

When two thriving global offerings announced their merger, WPP sought Vocon to create a workplace responsive to their new end-to-end Creative Commerce Company, Geometry, as well as their new cohesive identity. We set out to serve Geometry in the same way it helps other companies glean insights into consumer needs and behaviors. Our resulting effort is a design energized and informed by the radical creativity and client-centered focus of a firm known for building a platform that individualizes customer experiences.

At every turn, creative design elements create beacons for top-flight talent. A central office throughway, dubbed “the canal,” unites the office. It serves as a spine for the space – allowing for social interactions as team members commute to meeting rooms and collaboration spaces. Community spaces, dubbed “ports,” facilitate team member interaction along the main hall, while lively, whimsical design details, like an abstract wooden map of Downtown Cleveland, embody Geometry’s playful personality. A geometrically-informed interior thoughtfully invigorates the new workspace with various textures, materials, and shapes. An underlying grid design subtly emphasizes clean sightlines and fluid visual transitions between halls. Employees are able to move briskly between spaces – all built with natural local materials that demand attention and visual interaction. The result is a space that doesn’t merely cohere – it takes you on an experiential journey.


2021 IIDA Cleveland Akron Small Corporate

2020 AIA Cleveland Honor Award Interiors


Cleveland, OH

Project Size

13,000 SF

Completion Date