Confidential Government Client


Interior Design

Project Type

Corporate Interiors

Pride and Dedication

Vocon worked collaboratively with a Confidential Government Client to design a secure and efficient headquarters. The space encompasses a variety of functional areas, incorporating state-of-the-art features and sleek finishes to create a dynamic and energetic environment. The design uses bold elements to add vibrancy and add a dynamic feel to the overall space. Colors are strategically applied to infuse energy and motivation into the space while maintaining a professional and disciplined environment.

The facility features well-equipped conference rooms suitable for hosting meetings and briefings. The meeting spaces are designed to encourage collaboration and knowledge sharing, with modern AV facilities integrated seamlessly into the overall aesthetic. Open work areas foster a sense of community and teamwork among personnel. The layout encourages interaction and communication, contributing to a cohesive and productive atmosphere.

The bunk area is designed to accommodate personnel with comfort and functionality in mind. It provides relaxing spaces for personnel during extended shifts, ensuring they are well-rested and ready for their duties. Locker rooms offer individual storage spaces for personnel to securely store their gear and personal belongings.

Vocon modernized the existing parking garage level. Enhancements were made to improve wayfinding, ensuring ease of navigation for personnel and visitors. The update includes clear signage, well-defined pathways and modern lighting to enhance visibility and security.

The newly designed government facility offers an engaging and functional space for confidential operations. The integration of vibrant finishes, purposeful layout and efficient planning culminate in an environment that meets the client’s requirements and instills a sense of pride and dedication in the personnel serving the community.


New York, NY

Project Size

100,000 SF

Completion Date