Confidential Global Professional Services Firm

Home for the Mobile Workforce

Home to the firm’s second-largest North American office, this confidential global professional services firm office needed a highly flexible space to manage differing workloads at different times of the year. The busy tax season is particularly demanding on their space, while during the remainder of the year they need to accommodate a typically off-site workforce.

We helped them find a new location, a 17-story, 440,000 SF new construction site at 101 Seaport where they would occupy 80% of the building, and designed their part of the space for maximum flexibility. The spaces encourage teamwork, flexibility, and knowledge-sharing while still providing private office spaces to facilitate focused work.

A key need for their new space was to account for the ever-increasing mobility of partners and staff as they spend more time working directly at client sites. Our solution was to make areas usually designated as partner and director offices function as team meeting spaces when the partners or directors are away.


2016 IIDA Large Corporate


Boston, MA

Project Size

440,000 SF

Completion Date