Vocon architect corporate office

Confidential Global Professional Services Firm

Building Community

What would be the mission and purpose of the work environment if we could work from anywhere? A desire to embolden the connection to the community and celebrate the eclectic diversity of San Francisco became the foundation for the design. Our team leveraged the workplace as the organizational anchor to culture, growth and technology – resulting in an approachable, comfortable, active and accessible environment.

Creating a work environment that reflected the city’s vibrancy while serving as a destination for connection took on new meaning in a post-pandemic world. It required a new intention and deliberation than afforded in the past. The new design embraced this complexity — including the crucial impact strong communities like this organization and the residents of this region have at large on our health and well-being and the world around us.
City streets and social corridors became the design metaphor in the space, mirroring the focal point of human activity in urban centers.

The designed Neighborhoods and Front Porches in the space empower a dynamic network of connections and relationships that influence the user experience. This inviting workplace strengthens the interactions they have with one another and inspires their work. These thoughtfully designed destinations are customizable and flexible, offering an opportunity to continuously “hack” the space for personal preference and represent just two unique space types that define a genuinely authentic and mission-driven design expression.


2022 AIA Ohio People’s Choice

2022 IIDA Ohio Kentucky Over 25,000 SF


San Francisco, CA

Project Size

197,356 SF

Completion Date