Interior Design

Project Type

Corporate Interiors

Celebrating Passion

Collectors’ new corporate and operations space reflects the company’s dedication to serving collectors, retail buyers, and sellers of collectibles. With a focus on storytelling, the architectural design aims to capture the essence of the collecting community and the passion that drives it. Vocon’s design team incorporated elements that narrate the rich history of collectibles and the emotional connection collectors have with their cherished items.

The journey into the space begins with a captivating reception. Here, visitors and collectors are greeted with displays showcasing notable collectibles from various eras and communities. The entrance sets the tone for the space, inspiring excitement and curiosity. Large windows showcase breathtaking views of the New York city skyline, adding to the overall aesthetic.

The Dealer Lobby, located near the reception, offers special guests a place to review their unique collectibles and have a personalized experience with the Collectors team of professionals. To support the company’s commitment to knowledge-sharing and education, training rooms and conference areas are equipped with modern technology. Open workstations foster collaboration and creativity among employees. The All Hands lounge, a multi-functional break space situated between two atriums in the building, offers areas for dining, relaxation, and collaboration, supporting gatherings of all sizes. Throughout the office, strategically placed displays showcase a rotating selection of collectibles, emphasizing the breadth and diversity of the hobby.

Collectors’ new corporate and operations space is more than just a functional office; it is an immersive experience that celebrates the passion of the collecting community. Through thoughtful design, Vocon has created a space that fosters joy, discovery and appreciation for the world of collectibles.


Jersey City, NJ

Project Size

30,000 SF

Completion Date