Bellwether Enterprise

Building Communities at the Office

Bellwether Enterprise is one of the country’s largest commercial and multi-family mortgage banking companies in the country. Vocon reflected their story throughout their space by creating neighborhood, community, and home zones that support different types of work styles.

Bellwether desired minimal walls and open collaboration, but still required private offices. Vocon worked closely with staff members to determine how to implement this approach. The result was creating open collaboration neighborhoods ideal for the Bellwether working environment while promoting the different types of teams and work they perform. Throughout the space, a genuine sense of integrity, innovation, and warmth is curated through the selection of materiality and finishes – helping to further define Bellwether’s mission as a company.

A fresh use of their brand color was combined with complementary saturated colors throughout the space. Their entrance downplays the traditional receptionist desk and lobby as it hosts their main café within the receiving area, which greatly energized this space throughout the entire workday. The overall layout of their space was intentional to capture the amazing downtown and lake views.


Cleveland, OH

Project Size

17,000 SF

Completion Date