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Corporate Interiors

Taking a Team of Travelers Somewhere New

As one of the world’s largest travel sites, Agoda needed a space that was as cosmopolitan as their business. We helped them make work feel like a vacation.

Agoda is a popular global travel site with a primarily young, creative workforce. So when they decided to relocate their New York office to the 66th floor of the Empire State Building, we partnered with them to create a space that would inspire their employees and reflect the vibrancy and energy of the brand.

Bold colors frame 360º views of the city. Names of local landmarks lend permanence and culture to shared spaces. Dynamic workspaces encourage collaboration and creativity.

The result is 26,400 SF of custom-designed, brand-centric space that helps their employees go further every day.


New York, NY

Project Size

26,400 SF

Completion Date