Northern Ohio NAIOP Honors Vocon with Two Design Awards

Vocon won two awards this year at the NAIOP Northern Ohio Chapter Awards of Excellence: Interior Design Project of the Year: Cleveland Foundation and Interior Renovation Project Year of the Year: Fahrenheit! See below what set each one apart to earn these incredible titles:

Cleveland Foundation: Interior Design Project of the Year

The Cleveland Foundation’s interior design complements sustainable mass timber design while creating functional spaces that staff, donors, grantees, and the community can utilize. The functionality of the space was thoughtfully designed and included unique spaces like the state-of-the-art dance studio and community driven art gallery. The design truly embodies the Foundations purpose.

Fahrenheit: Interior Renovation Project of the Year

This year’s winner of the Interior Renovation category was selected because of how it dramatically transformed the dark, moody atmosphere of the former John Q’s space to a thoughtfully curated modern venue. The team saw great value in the space’s revival of a once booming epicenter for the power lunch. We also appreciated the juxtaposition of light, refined wood tones with charred wood paneling, bold porcelain tile, striking red accents, and inspired lighting creates interest, telling the owner’s story of fire and heat. Fahrenheit’s interior renovation by Vocon successfully implemented a balance of form, function and beauty, the ultimate goal when designing interior environments.

We are incredibly humbled and honored by this recognition. Congrats to the Project Teams and everyone involved!