Vocon Inducted into Interior Design Magazine’s 30 Under 30

Interior Design Magazine inducted three Voconites into their New York City 30 Under 30 – a prestigious class that celebrates a select group of designers under the age of 30. The event is a chance for these top designers to collaborate with other professionals to learn, discuss and explore new skill sets to develop today’s young professionals. Interior Design Magazine’s 30 Under 30 aims to provide learning opportunities to help these designers advance their professional knowledge and inspire them to continue to excel.

Interior Design Magazine is the global, industry-leading design publication, website, and events company serving the interior design, architectural and facility management audiences. Interior Design Magazine events connect the industry, promoting creative leadership, innovation and collaboration across a wide range of practice areas and platforms. During the 30 Under 30 kick-off event, the designers engaged in interactive learning sessions and participated in a Sponsor Tabletop event to learn about new products. Designers shared their insights, challenges, and what excites them about the industry. As an additional perk for the nominees, these top designers are now part of an exclusive program where they will be among the first who are invited to additional Interior Design Magazine events and engagements.

Vocon has a long-standing reputation of excellence – including the honor of Interior Design Magazine’s Top 100 Giants – and we’re extremely proud of our Team for this accomplishment.

Congratulations to Paula Trivino, Hannah Kaminsky, and Montgomery St. Peter!

Interior Design Magazine's Under 30