Cleveland Foundation Finalist of Urban Land Institute Americas Awards of Excellence

The Urban Land Institute (ULI) unveiled the 18 finalists for the highly esteemed 2024 ULI Americas Awards for Excellence, an esteemed recognition in the real estate sector. The ULI, a nonprofit education and research institute, is dedicated to shaping the future of the built environment and driving transformative impact in communities worldwide. This year’s finalists encompass 16 developments in the United States and two in Canada, with two additional projects from the United States receiving special mentions. We are so honored to be designated as one of the finalists for our Cleveland Foundation Project among so many other deserving applicants. This recognition highlights our commitment to innovative design and sustainable community development. As Doug Voigt, Chair of the ULI Americas Awards for Excellence jury, remarked, “The projects honored this year resonate with the ULI’s core mission to exemplify the transformative potential of design and development in building more sustainable communities.” He also emphasized the recurring theme of innovation in housing design, which directly addresses the pressing issue of affordable housing.

The ULI Americas Awards for Excellence program evaluates projects based on various criteria such as marketplace acceptance, design, planning, technology, amenities, economic impact, management, community engagement, innovation, and sustainability. Projects eligible for consideration must be substantially complete, financially viable, and operational within the ULI Americas region.

The selection of ULI Americas Awards for Excellence finalists involved a diverse jury comprising ULI members with expertise in development, finance, planning, urban design, architecture, and landscape architecture.

Established in 1979 and subsequently expanded globally, the Awards for Excellence program serves as the cornerstone of ULI’s mission to identify and promote best practices in real estate development. Winners of the ULI Americas Awards for Excellence will be announced later in the summer, and these projects will proceed as finalists for the ULI Global Awards for Excellence, competing against projects from Europe and the Asia Pacific regions.