Interior Design.

Interior Design

Visual appeal is only one part of the puzzle. 

At Vocon, we design environments that are not only visually impactful, but also improve how an organization operates. We know an inspiring space has a tangible impact on the user’s experience, and we envision designs that will improve employee engagement, reflect culture and brand, support recruitment and retention and more. We align our interior design solutions with each organization’s individual goals, using space as a tool to help optimize organizational performance.  

The key to our process is always putting people first. We begin every project by getting to know an organization from top to bottom, discovering its pain points, its needs and its goals to determine how we can use the built environment to enhance the user experience. The needs of the occupant drive our work, with our focus on creating environments that help improve how an organization functions on a daily basis. 

Collaboration is a critical component of all we do. We place a high value on relationships, from working together with clients, to collaborating across internal disciplines, to partnering with external consultants to help us enhance a project’s results. Our priority is producing the best solutions for a space, and we’re committed to assembling an exemplary, multi-disciplinary team for each and every project. 

Always keeping our clients’ unique needs top of mind, we go beyond the boundaries of ‘expected’ design solutions to develop customized, innovative answers for each client, supporting strategic goals with an eye on improving the bottom line. When your completed space is both beautiful and functional, we consider our mission accomplished. 

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