Jones Day.

Regional Representation

project overview.

For more than six years, Vocon has worked as a partner to Jones Day to provide ‘on-call’ architecture and design services throughout the North Point complex in Cleveland, OH.  The North Point complex is home to over half of the personnel who provide dedicated support to Jones Day’s global operations.  Jones Day’s ongoing efforts to renovate North Point have remained consistent, with one primary focus of ensuring that pride in their identity as One Firm Worldwide be visible to all those who work in and visit the complex.  To celebrate the Firm’s history in Cleveland, the designs for new and renovated space are anchored to the lake and city life through the use of openness, natural light and glass, providing a warm, welcoming contemporary space. 

Some of the various projects have included renovation of practice group floors, global administration center, lobby, conference suite renovations, compression/utilization studies, reception area modifications, branded environmental graphics and various other assignments.

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