Cleveland, Ohio

project overview.

The Cleveland Clinic's 8-story, 162 Suite, InterContinental Hotel recently underwent a complete renovation to a modern wellness inspired guest environment. The project included the renovation of the existing lobby, restaurant/lounge and guest room floors, creating an atmosphere for guest to relax, rejuvenate and improve overall mental/physical well-being.

Hotel modifications were strategically implemented to keep the hotel fully operational during the renovation.  Phase one consisted of the first floor lobby, restaurant and two of the upper floor guest rooms.  The remaining floors were renovated in phases, two at a time.  The open lobby is inviting, engages guests upon entry and visually connects to the renamed C2 restaurant.  These areas were previously segregated, lacked energy and contained dark finish materials.  C2, which is filled with healthy menu choices, has a calming Mediterranean look for a relaxing dining experience complete with an earth tone color palate, soft lighting and aromatherapy.

Renovated guest rooms feature comfortable furnishings, warm finishes and new technology for the hotel's Cleveland Clinic patient-based clientele.  Overall, the hotel renovation will attract guests through modern amenities, supported by a healthy living environment.

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