San Francisco, California

Project Overview.

Compass, a revolutionary real estate brokerage firm, provides their clients with a visual snapshot of homes – curated by design, amenities and neighborhood of the most sought-after properties.  Overlooking the San Francisco Bay, this 13,256 SF office is a part of Ghirardelli Square, the landmark public square surrounded by shops and restaurants in the Fisherman’s Wharf area of San Francisco.  An overarching theme Compass would like to implement into current and future locations is for their spaces to feel like a home, not a common office prototype, which is distinctive to each region and locale.  The Design team intended to achieve this not only through unique interior design and furniture elements, but by telling a story via the organization, forms, proportion and relationships of spaces.

To accurately achieve the correct ratio of equal spatial components which promote socializing, relaxation, and communication, the design team worked to allocate, position and provide areas for informal lounges, spontaneous meetings and impromptu encounters.  Informal lounge/seating areas allow for touch-down meeting opportunities located near open areas and pantries are adjacent to formal private meeting spaces. Smaller secondary areas off the main spaces cater to smaller private meetings allowing for formal brainstorming sessions.

The design concept behind the space was also to reflect a sense of neighborhood and locale through the preservation of the original brick masonry, warehouse windows, concrete floors and metal accents while incorporating the Compass brand and aesthetic. Utilizing a color scheme in line with the Compass brand palette, a neutral, monochromatic environment accents the original and authentic architectural elements. 

Authentic use of materials like brick, concrete floors, black metal, marble and herringbone white tile create a layered and textural materiality that brings warmth and depth to the space. The contrasting use of smoother and harder surfaces in black and white highlight the remarkable differences between the compositions of the materials.

In addition, an exclusive design element features a large-scale suspended ceiling installation suggestive of the Compass logo hangs over a lounge space located in the open work area. This installation exhibits multiple viewing points creating an analog lenticular, reading one way from one direction and another way from a different direction.

Overall, the new office reflects the Compass mission to help everyone find their place in the world by creating a dynamic workspace for agents and clients to call home.