Workplace Strategy.

Workplace Strategy 

The key to an organization’s success is its people. That’s why our Workplace Strategy Team is dedicated to helping our clients use the physical space as a tool to better support their organization’s strategy and needs. 

We begin by establishing ourselves as a trusted partner. From beginning to end, we collaborate with our clients, watching and listening to uncover their specific wants and goals for their space, often coming to know them better than they know themselves. Our extensive and comprehensive process includes both research and observation, considering all facets of a space – employee work styles, brand, culture and more – as we analyze a user’s existing environment. We dive deeply into an organization, using tactics like interviews and focus groups to uncover how people are working and how the workplace could better support them. We also consider corporate real estate and facilities strategies as we develop a thorough understanding of each client. 

Using our findings, we develop recommendations to meet the customized needs of each client and work in tandem with our architects and interior designers to implement them in the built environment. Transformation is our ultimate goal, striving to help our clients bring about organizational change through the thoughtful and deliberate use of the built environment. 

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