Branded Environments.

Branded Environments

Does your space tell a story? More importantly, does it tell your story?

Much like the built environment can support and enhance an organization’s strategy, it also can be called upon to further communicate and reinforce one’s brand, both internally and externally. At Vocon, we understand the built environment offers a three dimensional canvas for storytelling and messaging which can enhance the user and visitor experience.  

In a highly collaborative process, we work with our client partners to understand who they are and what they want their space to express. We tailor the manner in which these expressions are integrated into a space based upon each organization’s specific needs. 

Whether we are working within the guidelines of an existing brand or using the built space as inspiration to redefine it, we work strategically to visually communicate brand essence, informing occupants about your organization’s individual identity and creating meaningful, memorable experiences for all those who step foot in your space. Simply put, we’re here to help you put your best brand forward. 


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