Stonebridge Condominium Tower.

Cleveland, Ohio


Stonebridge Tower is a 160-unit high-rise condominium community located at 2222 Detroit in the Flats-Oxbo district near downtown Cleveland. Initially built in 2003 with defective construction materials and methods, the exterior skin has failed. Vocon was directed by the Owner to greatly simplify the exterior aesthetic and to provide a clean, modern fresh identity for the tower as the Design Architect of this high-rise recladding. Vocon designed the skin with a high-performance rainscreen system over the original structural metal stud framing system.

Vocon is also responsible for the new entry sequence featuring a minimalist steel canopy that welcomes the residents and visitors, lit from below.  The tower exterior will be illuminated with color-changing LED lines of light in key locations, contributing to the Cleveland skyline.

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