Sam Schwartz Engineering.

New York, New York

Project Overview.

Sam Schwartz Engineering (SSE) is a Transit & Civil Engineering company with 7 offices nationally.  SSE turned to Vocon, a partner that shared common values and mutual focus for using the workspace design to help achieve the company’s objectives and enhance their culture.  Vocon’s strategy focused on leveraging the design to help create an understanding of what SSE does – a type of engineering that is often overlooked but one that is critically important for our world to function. Traffic is brought to life in the space by incorporating materials from the streets into the office design, creating a kitschy vibe that well reflects SSE’s fun-loving corporate atmosphere. 

Emphasizing their new, more collaborative environment, the few private offices all have glass fronts and exit into the open office area, ensuring no one is segregated and all employees are within close proximity. Benching solutions also were used both to increase collaboration and allow for flexibility should additional employees need a workspace. 

The design not only visually expresses SSE’s goals, but it also adheres closely to another important design objective: respecting the project’s budget. To stay on budget – while still creating a dynamic and engaging space – Vocon worked closely with SSE to find alternative design methods that would meet the company’s functional needs and stay true to the visual expression of the design. 

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