Port of Cleveland.

Cleveland, Ohio
Project Overview.

As an economic engine for Cleveland and Northeast Ohio, the Port of Cleveland’s sole mission is to spur job creation and help the region compete in the global market through the most cost-effective method of freight transportation.  When undertaking the renovation of their newly selected office space, the decision was made to capitalize on the proximity and juxtaposition of their building to the actual lakefront port operations. The Port Authority’s new offices maximize the view and connection to their lakefront port operations with an open office plan layout.   Exposed brick walls and wood roof structure provide an authentic context with historical significance for the Port Authority’s new offices.  The Port of Cleveland occupies approximately 6,850 SF of the 27,420 SF, 4-story building on the edge of Cleveland’s Historic Warehouse District.   In addition to the interior renovation of their space, the work also included exterior building improvements and maintenance, including new streetscape and building lighting and signage.

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