Akron, Ohio

Project Overview.

As one of the last remaining U.S. tire makers, Goodyear is determined to define its place in the 21st Century, continually striving to create new, innovative products. Yet, while its technologies have continued to evolve, its workplace had not. Over the years, Goodyear associates had been scattered throughout multiple buildings across their 100-acre campus, not necessarily situated in spaces that aligned with their appropriate company division. This situation posed significant challenges for a company that wants to foster collaboration, encourage innovation and strengthen company-wide brand knowledge. Goodyear turned to Vocon for help creating a consolidated campus that would align their brand and business goals with the work environment.

After an in-depth analysis of Goodyear’s needs, goals and overall strategy, it was decided the best approach was to build a new, ground-up headquarters in Goodyear’s current location in Akron, Ohio. The concept for the new campus focused on marrying the two primary headquarters facilities – the Corporate and North American Headquarters – into one new building and connecting it to the existing Global R&D space, newly renovated and now known as the Innovation Center, through a four story lobby. Each division now has its own distinct space, yet is still connected to the other elements of the business, fostering cross-collaboration and knowledge sharing. Other amenities include a new 1 million square foot parking deck and pedestrian sky bridge, two additional atriums, a fitness center and full-service cafeteria and dining area. 

Through the consolidation of Goodyear’s global headquarters and the renovated Innovation Center, the company was able to relocate 3,000 employees from a 50-year-old facility spanning several buildings into one streamlined campus. The renovation successfully reduced Goodyear’s footprint from 1.4 million square feet to approximately 820,000 square feet, bringing the company’s workplace from the past into the future.

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