Equity Trust.

Westlake, Ohio

Project Overview.

Equity Trust, the nation’s leading provider of self-directed IRAs and 401ks, recently relocated its corporate headquarters to Westlake, Ohio combining 2 separate offices into one central location.  Recognizing the inherent value in the location and existing structure at 30033 Clemens Road, the Equity Trust leadership embarked on a redevelopment process that allows the firm and its employees to flourish. Their goal by consolidating was to promote collaboration, connect employees and make their work process more efficient. This new environment reflects the growth of Equity Trust and their collective desire to bolster an already vibrant corporate culture.

The project entailed the complete transformation of an existing 5-story medical office building including the site, exterior facade, interior and main entry.  Interior amenities consist of improved building security, café spaces, an outdoor patio, technological and A/V improvements within training and meeting areas, wellness spaces that include healthy food options and work-out areas. It was also a primary goal to provide as much access to daylight as possible.

The 6.6 acre site was completely re-worked to provide a walking trail around the perimeter, meandering around mature trees where needed and culminating in contemplative spaces for artwork by local artist Giancarlo Calicchia as well as a babbling brook surrounded by small trees. An existing loading dock was transformed into an outdoor patio space for 125 people.

The new headquarters is a first-rate example of how to repurpose a building. Though the original building did not have historical significance, Equity Trust chose to reinvent it and give it new life.  Overall, the new headquarters facility has been tailored to the future and sustained growth of Equity Trust for years to come.

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