Cliffs Natural Resources.

Cleveland, Ohio

Project Overview.

Vocon worked with mining company, Cliffs Natural Resources, to tell their story of discovery, growth, sustainability, and community in their renovated 163,000 SF office space. 

With interchangeable workstations and collaborative areas, the floorplan allows for future adaptability as they evolve. Unification on floors is achieved through strategically placed hubs of coffee/beverage areas with adjacent focus rooms and conferencing space. Hubs on each floor are connected by a sculptural, angular corridor with a glowing graphic wall. The experience of circulating through the corridor emphasizes movement and connectivity both literally (walking) and figuratively (displaying constant change and growth within the company). Angled and faceted forms that appear in architectural forms, lighting, graphics, and furniture reference land topography and geology irregularities faced in mining. 

Natural materials such as wood and stone reinforce the relationship with the physical earth while strategic accent colors, textures and patterns represent global climates and environments. Various worldly inspired accent textures and patterns speak to the global reach of the company.  Graphics in the café and entry showcase Cliffs’ history, innovation and community.  Custom textured brand walls of topographical land representations emphasize Cliffs’ business function and globality.  The finished space, achieving LEED-CI v2009 Gold Certification, solidifies a company that is responsible, respected, progressive and global. 

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