Cleveland, Ohio

Project Overview.

Once occupying two spaces, Vocon worked with CBRE to consolidate and relocate their Cleveland offices to the Ernst and Young office tower within the new Flats East Bank Development. 

The devised Workplace Strategy eliminated private offices, one third of the staff adopted “free-address” status, meaning they have no permanently assigned workspace, and the remainder of the teams reside in low-walled workstations.  Workstations are organized into neighborhoods, which provide privacy between business units.  All workstations are universal in size and feature matching amenities, which support flexibility.  For individual privacy, employees can shift into conference rooms and small huddle rooms with sliding doors to work quietly, hold meetings or to place conference calls.  There are ample impromptu meeting locations for all staff members distributed throughout the workstations, which promote informal gatherings or alternate places to work.  The consolidation and new design reduced CBRE Cleveland’s footprint by 20 percent.  The offset of these savings were invested in technology upgrades in a variety of ways throughout the office. 

Overall, the new space promotes a flexible open working environment capable of accommodating current employees and potential clients in alternative settings.  This new open environment has promoted the transfer of knowledge amongst the employees and has improved collaboration.  This project also achieved LEED-CI v2009 Silver Certification.

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