Avon Mark.

New York, New York

Project Overview.

Avon’s burgeoning global direct-selling beauty business, mark. is the number two trend brand in the world and focuses on the fast-growing market for young women.  Sophisticated, modern, fresh... mark. aims to capture the outlook and attitudes of today’s young women.  

This project involved the conversion of existing office space into a new look for the mark. brand, without a substantial budget or time frame.

Being beautiful inside and out was the idea behind “mark’s” branding and a stepping stone for the project’s design approach.   A simple, clean, contemporary environment was created that was a reflection of the simplicity and elegance of youth.  Instead of full demolition of the existing space, selective elements were given a face lift and reused.  Minimal detailing of the reception and conference areas served both to keep the budget to a minimum as well as underscore the brand’s simple, yet sophisticated identity.

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