American Arbitration Association.

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Project Overview.

American Arbitration Association, a global leader in Dispute Resolution Services, recently called upon Vocon to assist in the relocation of their NY based headquarters. Through an extensive due diligence, programming and test fit process, it was determined that moving to two separate locations would better serve their business needs while meeting their financial goals. A Midtown location was selected for the “client-facing” portion of the business, while a Downtown location was selected for the staff and operations portion of the business.

Privacy for hearing room patrons, coupled with a need for multi-functional spaces drove the design for the Midtown space.  Subtle design characteristics such as lavish accent lighting provide focal points, complimented by red splashes, highlight the AAA brand.  In opposition to modern workspace flow, privatization was of critical importance, but a need for flexibility persisted. Spacious hearing rooms with new technology capabilities and modular furniture afforded a versatility desired by AAA and clientele needs.  

The Downtown space presented a unique opportunity to merge the uptown location’s privatization with an open workspace. Collaborative and open-office working environments are highlighted by the substitution of traditional perimeter offices for interior administrative offices, thus opening the floor plan and allowing free movement between departments.  A consolidated design approach and marriage of both materiality and schematic programming unify both AAA locations and provide a new workplace standard for the global firm.

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